Paradox Accessories

Direct Connect Interface 307

Code: PA1187


  • Incorporates a USB port and a serial port (DB-9)
  • Enables control panel to communicate with a PC at 60m
  • Connect from the control panel’s serial port connector to a PC’s serial (DB-9) or USB port
  • Includes 3 LED status indicators (PC, Panel and RX/TX)
  • Communication speed:38.4k baud (EVO)

PGM4 Expansion Module

Code: PA3806


  • Compatible with Compatible with Spectra SP (V3.00) and Digiplex EVO
  • 4 fully programmable 5A relay outputs
  • Deactivate PGM after event and/or timer
  • Pulse PGM output for fire alarms
  • In-field firmware upgradeable

PGM82 Expansion Module

Code: PA3803


  • Expansion of 8 programmable outputs
  • PGM control via Insite GOLD application
  • PGM control with manual on-box switches
  • Can follow system events
  • Display for each PGM, Data and Power
  • Box cover lock mechanism
  • Supports SP, MG, EVO and Swan
  • Connects to control panel via 4-wire on keypad bus
  • Firmware upgradeable

8 Zone Expansion Module

Code: PA5380


  • Compatible with MG Series, SP Series, and E Series
  • Add 8 zones
  • 1 PGM output
  • Use zone input as an anti-tamper switch input

ZX8 8 Zone Expansion Module

Code: PA3558


  • Compatible with MG Series, SP Series and Digiplex EVO
  • Add 8 zones
  • Selectable input resistors for EOL and Tamper
  • 1 PGM output
  • Use zone input as an anti-tamper switch input
  • Support selectable EOL with V6.0

ZX82 8 Zone Expansion Module

Code: PA5385


  • Expansion of 8 additional zones
  • Supports SP, MG and EVO
  • 4-wire bus connection
  • Status LEDs for zones, power and bus data
  • Enclosure with cover lock mechanism
  • On-board and wall tampers
  • Firmware upgradeable

RTX3 Wireless Expansion Module - REM2

Code: PA3809


  • Compatible with Spectra SP Series and Digiplex EVO
  • 32 wireless zones
  • Maximum number of remote controls: 32
  • Remote control compatibility
  • SP: REM1, REM2, REM3
  • Stand Alone: REM1
  • Wireless PGMs (16 w/SP)
  • Supports two RPT1 and eight K32LRF / K32IRF (Spectra SP only)
  • In-field firmware upgradeable via CV4USB and Winload
  • RF jamming supervision
  • Low battery, tamper and check-in supervision
  • Transmitter signal strength display
  • 3 PGM outputs and 1 optional output
  • Noise level test and indicator


SR230 Wireless Outdoor Siren with Built-in Strobe Light

Code: PA3815

The SR230 is a weatherproof (IP54) and fully supervised wireless siren with a built-in strobe light. SR230 provides fast response to alarm signals with differentiation between intrusion and fire events.


  • Battery operated (3 "C" alkaline batteries) Weather-resistant design with UV protection
  • 2-way, fully supervised communication with the control panel
  • 100dB Piezo siren
  • Separate alarm notifications for intrusion and fire
  • Dual-tamper detection (cover and wall)
  • Squawk functionality
  • Wireless range in a typical residential environment: Up to 70m (230 ft)
  • Strobe lens available in 3 colors (red, blue, and amber)
  • Fully powered using three 1.5 Vdc type "C" alkaline batteries (included)
  • Signal strength/RF transmission and status LED
  • Operating temperature: -25ºC to 55ºC (-13ºF to 131ºF)
  • RF frequency: 433MHz or 868MHz
  • Dimensions: 13.4cm x 21.17cm x 5.1cm (5.29in x 8.34in x 2.01 in)

RPT1+ Wireless Repeater Module

Code: PA3810


  • Extends the range of wireless communications
  • Built-in transceiver (433 MHz or 868 MHz)
  • Supports all Magellan transmitters (including two-way)
  • Selects which zone, PGM and/or keypad signals are repeated
  • Signal strength display
  • RF jamming supervision
  • Fully supervised by panel or console
  • Universal input (N.O./N.C.)
  • In-field firmware upgrade via 307USB

IP150+ Internet Module

Code: PA3805S


  • Central station reporting via IPR512 or IPRS-7
  • Provides connectivity to Insite GOLD, BabyWare, NEware or InField to access your system through the internet
  • DHCP connectivity with no configuration
  • Remote firmware upgrades with a fail-safe mode
  • Sends notification and alarm system events via email
  • Internal diagnostic logs via Insite GOLD app
  • SSL support for sending secured email messages, via a secure sockets layer; a popular protocol for encrypting information over the internet
  • Easy installation: no screws needed, a built-in clip for mounting in a metal box

PCS250 GPRS/GSM Communicator Module

Code: PA3816S


  • Compact, sleek design
  • Report events to the IPR512 GPRS/IP Monitoring Receiver and/or IPRS-7 IP/GPRS PC Receiver Software
  • Report via text message (up to 16 cell phone numbers)
  • Control panel communication supervision
  • End-user can arm or disarm the system by sending a text message (SMS) to the PCS250
  • Send pre-recorded voice messages to up to 8 telephone numbers to report alarms using the optional VDMP3 Paradox Plug-in Voice Module (GSM mode)
  • Simple installation with 4-wire serial connection
  • Optional rod antenna can be installed up to 18m (60ft) from the module using optional antenna cable extensions depending on the local signal strength
  • 128-bit (MDS) and 256-bit (AES) encryption (GPRS mode)
  • Increase the distance between the panel and the PCS250 module with an RS485 link (GSM mode only via e-bus). A CVT485 module must be added to the panel in order to accomplish this
  • Report via GSM (CID, SIA)
  • EN 50131 grade 3

PCS265LTE GSM Communicator Module

Code: PA3817

The PCS265LTE delivers LTE / 4G / 3G / 2G communication or GSM reporting data exchange solutions for Paradox systems. It provides reliable reporting and two-way communication between Paradox control panels and their respective monitoring stations, as well as personal messaging. It is also compatible with the Insite GOLD app.


  • LTE / 4G (3.75G) / 3G / 2G reporting speed of system data to IPR512 Monitoring Receiver or IPRS-7 IP / GPRS
  • 3G / 2G auto connect if 4G not available
  • Two SIM cards support for provider redundancy
  • Control panel communication supervision
  • PMH auto connection for Insite GOLD mobile application use
  • Arm or disarm the system via text message (SMS) to the PCS265LTE
  • 4-wire installation
  • Push notification to Insite GOLD app
  • Li-ion battery (optional) allows operation when panel power is lost for backup reporting
  • RS-485 connection to panel, allows up to 100m with battery charge
  • Will report panel loss in case of cut wires or loss of power
  • Encrypted communication (128-bit)
  • Dual tamper switch (wall and cover removal)

HUB2 Hub and Bus Isolator

Code: PA5363


  • Divide the bus into two completely isolated outputs (if one output fails, the other will continue to function)
  • One input port, 2 completely isolated output ports
  • Each output port provides communications up to 900m

Switching Power Supply

Code: PA1650


  • 13.8Vdc, 1.75A switching power supply
  • Fuseless electronic protection with automatic restore
  • Automatic transfer to backup battery power
  • Second backup battery connector (optional)
  • Battery test input

PS25 Digiplex Power Supply Module

Code: PA3462


  • 2.8A supervised power supply
  • 2.5A auxiliary power output and up to 1.2A flexible battery charging
  • Standalone Operation
  • On-board,auto-sensing anti-tamper switch

PRT3 Integration Module

Code: PA3567


  • In-field firmware upgradeable via a CONV4USB and WinLoad
  • Supports ASCII / C-BUS protocols
  • 16 virtual inputs to trigger an action in the EVO control panel based on an event received from the peripheral system using ASCII or C-BUS protocol
  • 30 virtual PGMs to trigger an action in the peripheral system using ASCII or CBUS protocol based on an event received from the EVO control panel
  • USB port for PC connections
  • Provides an interface between an EVO control panel and a third party peripheral system
  • Automatically/manually print reports of zones/systems event via printer and/or PC
  • Parallel and serial port for printer connections
  • Assign to one or more partitions
  • 2048 event buffer
  • Available in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese


Paradox Remotes

REM3: Hand-Held Two-Way Remote Keypad

Code: PA3712


  • Compatible with MG5050, MG6250, and Spectra SP series V3.00 (or higher) and RTX3 V1.31 (or higher)
  • Supports StayD
  • System Status Memory: The REM3 will keep the last system status received from the control panel in memory. Momentarily press the Info button to display the last system status--even when out of range. Used to confirm the last action you did on the system while away from the system.
  • Configure which partitions the REM3 arms/disarms
  • Built-In Transceiver (433MHz or 868MHz)
  • Independent Arm, Sleep, Stay and Off buttons and LED display per partition
  • Control up to 6 PGMs and/or generate panics
  • Keypad Mode: Requires code entry
  • Remote Mode: One-touch arming / Disarming
  • Installer Diagnostic Mode:
    - Partition 1 LEDs = Signal Strength Display
    - Partition 2 LEDs = RF Interference Display
  • Provides visual and auditory feedback of system status
  • Press the Status button to receive system status
  • Label to identify remote control owner
  • Compact, water-resistant design
  • Size: 8cm x 3.4cm x 1.5cm

REM2: 2-Way Remote Control with Backlit Buttons

Code: PA3705


  • Supports StayD Mode
  • System Status Memory: The REM2 will keep the last system status received from the control panel in memory. Momentarily press the Info button to display the last system status-even when out of range. Used to confirm the last action you did on the system while away from the system.
  • Built-in transceiver (433MHz or 868MHz)
  • Displays system status using visual (LED) and auditory feedback
  • Press the Status button at any time to receive the system status
  • Perform up to 6 different actions per remote control
  • Compact, water-resistant design with backlight for buttons
  • Wireless range in a typical residential environment:
    - 45m with MG5050 / RTX3

REM15: Remote Control with Backlit Buttons

Code: PA3711


  • Slim, ergonomic design
  • Water resistant
  • Perform up to 5 different actions
  • Wireless range in a typical residential environment:
    - 45m (150ft) with MG5050
    - 60m (200ft) with RTX3
  • Available in 433MHz or 868MHz

REM25: Two-way Wireless Remote Control

Code: PA3706


  • Performs six different actions such as arming and disarming your system, enabling and disabling PGMs and providing system status
  • Secured encrypted disarm function
  • Action instant confirmation
  • System status display
  • Provides system status memory
  • Displays system status using visual (LED) and auditor feedback
  • Supports StayD
  • Available in 433 MHz or 868 MHz
  • Water resistant
  • Easily replaceable long-life lithium battery that lasts for years with normal operation use
  • Available colors: black and white
  • CE approved

REM101: Emergency/Panic Remote Control with Bracket

Code: PA3714


  • Water resistant
  • Panic function allows user to instantly send panic signal to monitoring station
  • Manually-activated battery test function
  • Visual indicator (LED) for arming actions and battery testing
  • Includes lanyard attachment to facilitate portability; optional wrist strap and belt clip also available
  • Includes easily-replaceable CR2032 battery, with a battery life of 3 years
  • Available in 2 colors: black and white
  • Wireless range in a typical residential environment:
    - 30m (100ft) with MG6250
    - 45m (150ft) with MG5050
    - 60m (200ft) with RTX3
  • Available in 433 or 868 MHz
  • Accessory: wall mount bracket for installation on flat surfaces

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