Paradox Keypads

Paradox Security Systems, are manufacturers of a range of top quality motion detectors, alarm panels, keypads and peripheral equipment. Known for their innovative research and development, Paradox is a recognised force in the world security industry.

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Paradox Products by Spectrum
Paradox EVO641 Keypad PA3410B

K641+ Evo Blue LCD Keypad

Paradox TM70 Intuitive Touchscreen Keypad PA3862

TM70 Intuitive Touchscreen

Paradox LED Keypad PA3850

K32+ Hardwired LED Keypad

Paradox LCD Keypad PA3860

K32LCD+ Hardwired Keypad

Paradox Spectra SP65 Panel PA3840

K10V Keypad

Paradox Spectra SP65 Panel PA5175

K636 Keypad

Paradox Spectra SP65 Panel PA3836

K38 Wireless LCD Keypad

Paradox Keeping My Family Safe




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